The Top 18 Home Improvements For Sellers

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Today we are listing the top renovations a seller can make to get the most bang for their buck when selling their house. The basis for this article is the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, which is a report put out each year by Hanley Wood to look at the Cost vs. Value of a variety of home improvement projects. Without further ado here are the 18 top home improvements and the percent return you can expect on them:

1.  New Steel Entry Door – 119%
2.  Adding a Wood Deck – 99%
3.  Adding a Stone Veneer Accent to your siding – 97.1%
4.  Garage Door Replacement – 91%
5.  Window Replacement  ~85% (vinyl slightly better than wood)
6.  Attic Bedroom – 82.8%
7.  New Vinyl Siding – 82.7%
8.  New Fiberglass Entry Door – 79.6%
9.  Adding a Composite Deck – 78.6%
10(Tie).  Minor cosmetic kitchen remodel – 76.6%
10(Tie).  Two Story Addition – 76.6% (an addition that is 2 floors, not adding a 2nd floor)
12.  Family Room Addition – 75.7%
13.  New Finish Basement – 74.1%
14.  Bathroom Remodel – 73.4%
15.  Adding a Garage – 72.2%
16.  Major Kitchen Remodel – 68.3%
17.  New Roof – 66.5%
18.  Master Suite Addition – 65.7%

The Cost vs. Value report is broken down by region and since we are interested in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire we looked at the “Boston” area report.  This region happens to be defined as the almost exactly our area of interest (Specifically it is for Plymouth, Norfolk, SuffolkMiddlesex and Essex counties in Massachusetts  and Hillsborough and Strafford counties in New Hampshire).

Those from other parts of New England or other areas of the country can go to and download the report for their specific area, region or national data. The projects and values will differ somewhat in different areas.

First major takeaway is that higher end materials do not give as a good of a return as more economical choices (Steel Door vs. Fiberglass door, Wood Deck vs. Composite Deck, Minor Kitchen Remodel vs. Major Kitchen Remodel) except for Windows (Vinyl returned 85.3% while the slightly more expensive Wood had a 84.9% return).

Other major takeaway is all but 1 job resulted in getting less back than what you put into it, with most not being close to breakeven.  When getting ready to sell your house doing any of these improvements might make your house more marketable but are very unlikely to get a higher price equivalent to the investment made in the work.  


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* © 2015 Hanley Wood, LLC. Complete data from the Remodeling 2015 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at 




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