Q & A Saturday – How Do I Sell a Fire Damaged House?

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Today’s question is “How Do I Sell a Fire Damaged House?

Small House On Fire - Selling a Fire Damaged House

In this video Shaun discusses some of the concerns and immediate actions to take if your house has a fire and how to go about selling it afterwards.


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      Discussion on what to do during the fire

2)      What to do right after the fire

3)      Documentation you should be getting

4)      Brief overview of insurance and how it will usually work

5)      Option for fixing you fire damaged house

6)      Options for selling your house as is    


Having a fire can be one of the scariest and most difficult experiences you can have.  The physical, emotional and financial ramifications of a fire can be a lot to handle all at once.  There are a few things that can be done right away to ensure the safest and smoothest process possible if you ever have to deal with a fire.  After any dealing with everyone’s health and safety as well as immediate living situation how to deal with the house is the biggest issue you will have.   Often the fastest and easiest way to move on is to take the quick money and sell the place and start fresh.  Investors like us would be very interested in buying your fire damaged property and can buy it from you quickly with little hassle.  If you have a fire damaged house you would like to sell schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help you.


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(Image Credit: Small House on Fire via picturespider)




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