Q & A Saturday – Can I Sell a House with a Broken HVAC?

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Today’s question is “Can I Sell a House with a Broken HVAC?

Bad HVAC - FHA Financing Issues

In this video Shaun continues with our discussions of selling a damaged home with the issues around having a failed HVAC system.


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      Heat vs. Air conditioning issues

2)      How will a non functional HVAC system effect a buyer’s financing

3)      Options for a conventional (i.e. financed) buyer to be able to buy your house

4)      Working with an investor

5)      Other issues we have discussed in previous articles/videos


Having a broken HVAC system is one of many issues that can make it very difficult to sell a house to normal retail buyer.  In addition to it being a major turn off to the vast majority of buyers it also is one of the things that will likely keep the sale from qualifying for most types of bank financing, which is generally a necessity for most buyers.  There are a few very limited options for owner occupant buyers have to buy a place and do the repairs and in some other uncommon occasions a bank might agree to escrow the funds to be fixed after the sale, but these are definitely the exception.  Generally if your boiler or furnace is not functioning (usually less of an issue with central AC) you will need to fix it or your pool of buyers will be mostly those that can pay cash or investors, both of which will want a discount to deal with it.  However if you do not have the funds to make these repairs sometimes selling “as is” can be a lot faster and less stress even if you aren’t getting the highest price.


Do you want to sell a house with a non functional HVAC system?  Do you need to sell a damaged house in Massachusetts or New Hampshire as is?  If you would like to sell your home fast and hassle free  schedule a consultation with us today.


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