Q & A Saturday – Are House Flipping Shows Realistic?

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Today’s question is “Are House Flipping Shows Realistic?

House Flipping Reality TV - Massachusetts and New Hampshire Real Estate

In this video Shaun discusses some of the ridiculous things seen on many of these TV shows.


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      The real important parts of doing rehabs

2)      Some examples of why they can be pretty unrealistic

3)      How do they do these jobs so cheap?

4)      How do they do these jobs so fast?

5)      How do they pay for all of this?

6)      Artificial drama

7)      Artificial timelines

8)      The bonus sheets they get paid for the trumped up drama


Where to begin…
So… many of these “reality” shows are very unrealistic.  A few weeks back I talked about how Fake Home Renovations Shows are, focusing on the shows that focus on home buyers getting into fixer uppers and their story of buying and fixing them.  This time we are talking about the “House Flipping” type shows that supposedly shows viewers what it is like to be an investor that fixes up properties and then resells them.  There are MANY issues with these shows.  The most obvious are that they rarely ever talk about how they found the deal and what went into acquiring it.  Then they do not talk about how they determined what work needed to be done and how they found and vetted out their contractors.  Next they never discuss any of the other costs involved with the process, even if they do use all cash and do not have financing costs.  Finally they also rarely talk about the costs they incur when selling the houses.  With all these omissions and bad assumptions with all these costs the “Profits” proclaimed are at best do not incorporate all the real cots and at worst are flat out lies.  But other than that…  Beyond the accuracy gaps they are all pretty highly produced with fake drama and artificial conflicts.  This is TV and those are the things that draw in viewers but it is another part that makes these shows a less than accurate representation of what happens.  I can go on and on about things but the bottom line is that as someone that does this these shows are horrible representations of what is like to rehab house and grossly underestimates how difficult it is and grossly overestimates the profits possible on the deals they show on TV.


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–          If you want to sell a house that needs fixing in Massachusetts or in New Hampshire we can help.




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