Benefits of Adding a Professionally Installed Composite Deck

  In today’s post we are happy to have our first guest poster.  In this article Mr. Smith will go over the benefits of adding a composite deck to your house.  This continues our series on home improvements and is in harmony with our recent articles, the “We Love the 80s!” house and the “Neglected Rental” house, where we examine the benefits vs. costs of fixing up a house before selling.  In that vein adding a deck is one of the best returns on investment at 81.5% for the Boston region, covering most of Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.


Benefits of Adding a Professionally Installed Composite Deck

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Want to add a beautiful, functional deck to your home to enjoy with your family and friends? Are you worried about the expense, maintenance factor, and how long it will actually last? You’re not alone. Many homeowners today are turning to composite decking materials based on many key benefits. While hardwoods like redwood and cedar make an appealing deck, that can’t compare to the durability and longevity that a quality composite deck can offer. Decks constructed with top products like TimberTech, Evergrain, and Trex are easily installed by professionals, pleasing to the eye, and have shown they can stand the test of time making them an easy choice to use in order to build the deck of your dreams.

Composite decks are simple to install

Composite material is specially designed for deck building, which means it’s super easy to install with less work. Several composite decking materials consist of tongue-and-groove style design, making assembly a breeze.

Composite decks are less expensive overall

Comparing a price list for composite decking material and wood products can be very misleading and confusing for a consumer. While the upfront expense of composites is somewhat higher, there’s virtually no cost for upkeep in terms of elbow grease or money. Composite decking is maintenance free. There’s never any need to re-stain, re-paint, or re-seal them once they’re installed. On the other hand, you may pay as much as $3 a square foot for a quality renovation each year, and much more every 12-15 years for resurfacing the entire deck. Composite decking only requires a good hosing-off occasionally and some sweeping. Most composites are stain-free as well.

Composite decks are conducive for bare feet

One of the best parts about summer is walking around outside in your bare feet. Who wants to wear shoes on a beautiful, warm sunny day? Composite decking doesn’t heat up like other decking materials no matter how hot the sun gets. Also, they’ll never splinter and cause harm to feet and hands like wood can.

Composite decks have a uniform, attractive appearance

Because composite planks are manufactured specifically for decking materials, they’re completely uniform in their appearance, free of bumpy grains or knotholes that can make restoring a wood deck quite difficult. Place your big, beautiful potted plants and outdoor furniture wherever you like. Unlike wood, they’re not needed to hide unsightly imperfections in the material. The planks never warp no matter how much rain, snow, ice, or hail Mother Nature throws at them.

Composite decks are eco-friendly

Aside from the fact that composite decking is made from recycled plastics and reclaimed wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere, composite decks never require products to preserve wood, which can ultimately leak into groundwater and soil. Installing an attractive, durable composite deck may cost a bit more upfront, but you’ll save endless hours of both time and money overall.  

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.      


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