Real Estate Trends – Chelsea, Massachusetts (Condos)


In this report on the local real estate market trends we will be looking at things a little differently.  In all of our past reports we have looked at the single family home market.  For most communities we will see in Massachusetts and New Hampshire that is the most important type of property to examine.  However there are some areas where this is not the case.  Suffolk County Massachusetts has a very high percentage of condominiums to the tune of roughly 77% of all listings and sold properties.  While some towns or cities in other areas might have large condo saturation this area is unique in the systemic nature. Today we are highlighting the condominium market for Chelsea, MA in Suffolk County. MA Real estate - Tobin Bridge between Boston and Chelsea

Market Trends in Chelsea, MA – September 2013 and 2014:

The real estate market in Chelsea has slowed down somewhat since last year according to our data.  Average listing prices are up slightly, however the average sale prices are down and the average days on market are up.  The total number of properties sold didn’t change with 9 sales each period.  By the way to underscore the point made about the condo vs. single family house numbers, about 83% of the listings and sold properties in Chelsea are condos and in particular there were only 1 and 3 single family sales in the same timeframe discussed here.

Average Listing Prices:

The average listing price for a condo in September 2013 for Chelsea, MA was $212,711; in September 2014 that was up slightly to $213,067, for an essentially meaningless 0.17% increase.  This shows that overall the real estate professionals in the city felt the market was fairly stable.  Though given what we will see in the next 2 sections this may not have been a well founded assumption.

Average Sale Prices:

The average sale price for a condominium in Chelsea in September 2013 was $207,100; in September 2014 that was down to $205,389. This represents a fairly tiny 0.83% decrease.  This is not much of a change but the fact that listing prices are up while sales prices are down would indicate that there is possibly some disconnect in what the perceived market realities are and what the facts present.

Average Days on Market:

This is the metric that is the most telling in the change in the Chelsea, MA real estate market year on year.  The days on market in September of 2013 were 39.0 while in September 2014 that was all the way up to 65.22.  This is a large increase of 67.2%. So while list prices and sale prices were fairly stagnant during these time frames this indicates that even though sellers are still getting roughly the same prices they are sitting on their properties far longer than a year ago when things were moving fast.

Chelsea, Mass Summary:

Despite fairly stable list and sales pricing year over year the large increase in days on market show that the Chelsea, MA real estate market has slowed since last year.  In addition to that it is worth pointing out that while the changes were small the fact that list prices increased while sale prices decreased also leads to the discrepancy between the 2 metrics to decrease.  The closer the eventual sale price is to the listed price the stronger the market is as buyers are willing to pay full retail price for homes they want.  In this case the sale price to list price ratio decreased from 97.4% to 96.4%.  This is not an eye catching number, but is indicative of the small changes moving the market into a stagnant to declining market. In summary if you are looking to sell your Chelsea, MA condominium now you might expect to get about what you might have expected last year but should be willing to consider taking a bigger discount off your listed price to avoid sitting on it for too long.


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