Hoarder House Visit

The other day I was out visiting a Hoarder House that we might buy.

This house was an ugly house for sure!  But we LOVE ugly houses.  🙂 

Pics Of The Hoarder House:

These are from our Instagram account.  

First picture is a floor to ceiling shot looking into the kitchen.  This is just stepping in the back door after about 10 minutes of shoveling garbage out to just be able to open that door.  This is as far in as we could get.

Selling A Home As Is:

Do you have a house that needs some work?  Is it worse than this one???  We are going to try to buy this lovely house in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  If you want to be selling a home as is then get in touch with us today!

We buy houses throughout eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.  Even if you are not in one of these areas we can help you find someone to buy your house.

Just click the “Schedule a Consultation!” Button on the top right and let us see what we can do for you.



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