Q & A Saturday – What is Seller Financing?

Welcome to our first Q & A Saturday video.

I am planning on doing one of these short Q & A videos once a week to answer some of the questions I often get from people about selling your house, buying a house, real estate investor questions, landlording questions and many others things.

For the first few I will probably just answer some of the questions I get a lot and think will be the most helpful.  However I encourage anyone that has things they would like to talk about to let me know what they are.  You can always fill out a contact us form here and put Q & A in the comments, just leave a comment with your questions below here, send an email to info@masshomesale.com, or post it on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

Today’s first question is “What is seller financing?”

In this video Shaun gives a quick overview on what is seller financing:


Hope you enjoyed the video and leave any other questions you have about the topic below or any other topics you would like to see covered in future videos.



(Image Credit: Adaptation of lowest mortgage rate via blog.credit.com)



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