Q & A Saturday – How to Hire a Contractor?

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Today’s question is “How to Hire a Contractor?

Contractor - MA and NH Real Estate

In this video Shaun gives a quick overview of how to find a contractor and how to vet them out and what you need to hire one:


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      Some ways to find contractors

2)      What you need to get from them when screening them

3)      The contract and what need to be in it

4)      Ever heard of a Lien Waiver?  If not you better learn!


I hope this video was helpful in learning what you need to do to find, screen and hire a contractor.  With all professions you can have some really great ones, lots of mediocre ones and unfortunately a few terrible ones that rise to the level on being criminals.  It is important to understand the best ways to screen them and to have a good contract in place to protect BOTH of you.


Hope you enjoyed the video and leave any other questions you have about the topic below or any other topics you would like to see covered in future videos.  I encourage anyone that has things they would like to talk about to let me know what they are.  You can always fill out a contact us form here and put Q & A in the subject, just leave a comment with your questions below here, send an email to info@masshomesale.com, or post it on our Facebook page or Twitter account.


Resources mentioned in the video and some good articles:

–          Verifying a MA contractor License website mentioned

–          “What’s in a Contract? Almost Everything You Need to Know About Contractor Contracts

–          “14 Killer Questions to Ask Your Contractor

–          Boston Globe article on Scammer contractor that fooled by very experienced colleague




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