Q & A Saturday – What do I have to Disclose?

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Today’s question is “What do I have to Disclose?

Property Disclosure - Massachusetts Real Estate

In this video Shaun discusses does and does not have to be disclosed when selling real estate.


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      What are the Massachusetts disclosure laws

2)      Different standards for Real Estate Agents

3)      The 2 things that must be disclosed by every seller

4)      Legal remedies if there are disclosure issues


When selling a home there can be a lot of liability if there are issues discovered with the property after the sale that were not disclosed.  Massachusetts actually has less stringent laws on this than many states.  We are a “caveat emptor” state – buyers beware.  However, while there are not many things that are required to be disclosed, only the presences of Lead Paint and if the home is serviced by a septic system (To find out more about selling a house with Septic Issues see our recent Q&A video on the subject), sellers still need to be truthful.  So you do not have to volunteer much info as a private seller you have to answer any questions about the property truthfully.  Also if you are working with a real estate agent THEY have to disclose anything they are aware of that could affect the buyer’s decision.  Even if you want to sell your house “As Is” you have to be truthful of any issues you are asked about.


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