Q & A Saturday – Should I Sell my House During the Holidays?

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Today’s question is “Should I Sell my House During the Holidays?

Merry Christmas! - Selling Real Estate During the Holidays
Happy Chanukah! - Selling Real Estate During the Holidays
Happy New Year! - Selling Real Estate During the Holidays

In this video Shaun discusses the pros and cons of selling a house during the holidays.


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      The time frame we mean by “The Holidays”

2)      Down side of selling in the winter generally

3)      Working with an investor


Selling a house over the winter is always a little harder.  There is a very well documented seasonal trend showing prices and sales dipping in the winter season, even in warm weather areas that don’t have the same kind of harsh winters we have in MA and NH and the rest of the North East.  Specifically the “Holidays” are the toughest time usually to sell.  Think about it, do you really want to move between Thanksgiving and New Year?  Regardless of what holidays you celebrate it is probably a busy time of year and the weather can be tough to deal with too.  While that is the big dead stretch in all aspects the tougher time really starts at Halloween since it does usually take a minimum of a month to close a real estate transaction if you are not under contract by then you are looking at finalizing the transaction after Thanksgiving.  Then later in the winter you will start to see activity picking up again so few closings happen early in the new year until you get past Valentine’s Day.  While anything can happen if you don’t have something set to close by the end of October be ready to hold the place for another 3-4 months even if you area is doing well and you are priced reasonably just because of the softer demand.  Now with all that being said the people that are looking at the time are usually not just tire kickers and will be more serious about buying a place if they are looking on it and putting in an offer.  I do not have statistics on this but in my experience when selling houses during that time those contracts are less likely to fall through than they are at most other times of the year.  That is a bonus, but it the late spring we might have 3 contracts fall apart and still have it on the market less time than waiting for that one serious winter buyer.  If you are willing to work with an investor they are usually less seasonal and will be willing to buy a deal that works for them no matter what time of year.


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