Q & A Saturday – When Do I Need Flood Insurance?

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Today’s question is “When Do I Need Flood Insurance?

In this video Shaun talks about when you will need flood insurance for your house.


Some of the main points covered in this video are:

1)      What is Flood Insurance?

2)      What is my risk?

3)      When do I have to get it?

4)      Should I get it if I do not have to?


The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created by Congress in the 60s to help with people that were victims of floods since most homeowner’s insurance policies did not cover these events.  The program is run by FEMA and rates are based on risk levels for a given property based mostly on the location and the expected probability of a flood occurring.

Unfortunately there is a lot of controversy as to how accurate the flood maps are and if these probabilities are realistic.  Also in the last few years many maps have been redone, putting many properties in flood zones that were not before, and rates have increased, sometimes significantly.

The short story is if you are deemed to be in a “High Risk” zone and have a mortgage held by pretty much any back you will be required to have flood insurance.  If you have a mortgage through a private they may require it as well but might not.  If you own the property outright it is your choice to have the coverage or not.  There can be good reason to have the coverage but you also may feel it is a waste of money and would rather self insure (as in pay for any flood damage yourself with money you have set aside for repairs).

Flood insurance has become a much bigger concern the last few years as it can be very expensive now so those costs have made some places very unaffordable for people to buy.  Some changes were made that made things a little easier on people but it has still become a much more important consideration when buying a property than it was even a few years ago.



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