About Us

Selling your house in Eastern MA or Southern NH

Hi there, this is Shaun with MassHomeSale.

We are a small family owned company based in the Greater Boston area.  We have been in business since 2007 working in various markets all across Massachusetts and Southern NH.  We work with Buyers, Sellers and Renters to find “Win Win” solutions for all parties.  I am also a licensed real estate agent in MA and even though I am working to buy property for the company I still hold myself to ethics required by that profession in all of our dealings. 

Our specialty is working with distressed properties that are in need of lots of work to bring them up to sellable or rentable condition.  We purchase many properties from banks and restore them to beautiful properties that help revitalize the community.  We take great pride in helping to improve neighborhoods, providing superior housing and helping the local economy by supporting local business, providing jobs and increasing tax revenue by adding higher value properties to the tax roll.

While we take on many extensive projects we also like to buy “pretty houses” that do not have those issues but have other problems  that we can help solve.  We have a large network of professionals in a wide range to disciplines that can help with most any problem you may have to find a great solution that will help everyone.  For more information schedule a consultation today to discuss your unique situation.