Q: Who are you guys?

A: We are a small family owned real estate company that is based out of eastern MA since 2007.  Please see our About Us page for more details on who we are and what we do.


Q: What are “terms” ?

A: When we talk about “terms” we mean solutions that do not necessarily mean fully cashing out of the property immediately.  Often we can pay more for your property if you are open to a creative financing solution.  Some of the common methods are seller financing and lease options, but there are many more.  To discuss these options and to get more information contact us to talk about your unique situation.


Q: I owe more than my house is worth, can you still help me?

A: YES!  When you home is underwater you are more limited in your options but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house.  While there are some other options the most frequent method is the short sale, which involves getting the bank to take less than the balance on the mortgage.  We are affiliated with a real estate brokerage that specializes in short sales (A bank will not accept one without it being listed with an agent) and a short sale negotiation company with a greater than 95% success rate.  Contact us to find out if this is an appropriate solution for you (and the best alternative if it is not).


Q: What if selling to you isn’t the best solution for me?

A: If there is a better solution we will tell you.  While we are a business and need to make money to pay our bills, feed our family and keep the business going, we also want to do the right thing and only do deals that will benefit you as well.  There are plenty of opportunities for us to get paid while helping people that I’d rather sleep well at night and be able to look myself in the mirror in the morning than take advantage of someone’s difficult situation to make a quick buck.


Q: If selling my house to you isn’t the best solution can you still help me?

A: Yes we can.  We have an extensive network of professional in the real estate, legal, construction and a host of other industries.  We will try to help connect you with someone that can help you if we can’t.


Q: Are you just a real estate agent looking to list my house?

A: Shaun is a licensed agent and does on occasion list a property.  However our goal is to buy property, not to list it.  In some cases if the best solution for you is to list your property we will let you know.  If you are located in an area we know very well we might be able to list it, but most of the time we will work with you to find a great local agent that can help you.